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-- Towny --

on Thu 1 Jun - 22:54
Our server is heavily based on the Towny plugin. This means that you can create towns and nations where other players can reside. Here's an overview that covers what you need to know!


Everyone on the server are Residents. Being a Resident means that you have the option of joining a town (after getting an invite) or starting your own town. As a Resident you have access to the command /resident that displays information about your current town status i.e. how many plots your own, what town you are part of, what permissions you have in relation to the town and how much money there is in the town bank. Plots are simply pieces of land that the Mayor (the owner of the town) or anyone else with the permission for it has set up. Plots can be put out for sale which a Resident can then buy. More often than not the Mayors will not put a plot up for sale before you've asked for one, but this can vary from town to town. After acquiring your plot, your piece of land, you can begin to build your own base. Sometimes there will be taxes that you have to pay every real life day in order to be a citizen of that town. It is up to the Mayor how much that tax is. Being a part of a town gives you the ability to teleport to the town spawn. Here's an overview of the commands you can use as a Resident and if you are part of a town:

As you've hopefully already read in the rules section it is important to follow the orders of the town Mayor, even if it isn't a town that you are part of. If you are asked to leave, you must.


After acquiring enough money, you can settle and start your own town. A town has upkeep in form of money that you have to pay every real life day. This upkeep increases per Resident you have in your town. When you create a town you become Mayor of that town and therefore has access to new commands. As Mayor you can give your Residents different, internal ranks with different permissions.
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