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on Thu 1 Jun - 22:29
Welcome to Villager!
Villager is a towny based server with additions such as economy, PvP and Slimefun, but you already knew that, didn't you?
This section is made to cover some of the general information that doesn't fit anywhere else, and will be updated as needed.

This server is made with the community and players in mind, which is the reason for the way we set up our ranking system and the way we reward players who actually plays on our server. We struggle to keep a stable and safe environment that includes everyone, but we can't do it all by ourselves. As a player we hope that you contribute by helping players around you, stick to the rules, report bugs and gives us feedback on ways to improve your gaming experience.


As i've already stated, we have an economy system. The economy exists to give players the opportunity to grow in-game by earning increasingly with their play-time. It also gives you a dynamic playing experience in terms of having to make a living in order to achieve faster building time (you can buy blocks, isn't that neat?) and perks such as owning a town or nation. Starting out you should get yourself three jobs. Three is the maximum number of jobs one can hold at a time, except if you have the rank of King. You can also use the /shop command which opens up a shop interface. Here you can both buy and sell blocks. In addition you can also use the /ah command to open up our Action House, where you can sell items to other players on the server. This is also where you buy items from other players on the server. Furthermore you can vote for our server and get rewarded with both a crate key and money!

We recommend that you click yourself back to the forum overview and view the Jobs thread that explains everything you need to know about jobs!


As of right now our player versus player system only includes PvP in the wilderness. Of course, there is also the option of enabling PvP inside your own town. On a later day we hope to implement arenas, both with and without custom gear. Hopefully we will soon be able to add a feature where equally geared players can fight for a reward in a designated arena.

Again, this page will be updates as needed, but for more information visit the other forum threads that explains our main features more thoroughly.
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